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CARGO CARE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING  of Companies was established in the year  1992. CARGO CARE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING  has the capacity to charter heavy lift  jack-up vessels able to load, transport and install huge offshore wind plant modules and  undertake maintenance of offshore facilities with over all heights of more than 120 meters  in water depths of up to 50 meters. The Chartering Department of CARGO CARE  INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING has maintained the major role in the success of the  organization. We are experts for every cargo. We know exactly which ship is suitable and in  position for which cargo and ensure continues employment of our own chartered fleet.  Optimal, customer-oriented allocation of cargo the respective vessels is achieved through  the department's constant intensive contact to the customers and its internal networking  with all relevant service divisions in the company. The chartering experts are closely  involved in the core processes and strategic planning together with management. The  network of branches and agencies was constantly expanded in the past. This has resulted  in customer proximity and thus longer-term customer loyalty thanks to the implementation  of individual demands while taking into account the local conditions. The main tasks of  every charterer include achieving the greatest possible customer satisfaction as well as  optional capacity utilization of our chartered fleet. 

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